We are advocates

We are a resource when you need direction & support 

      As Care Manager, we help you make good decisions for 

      your loved ones.  

      As Guardian, we are decision-makers for individuals with 

      incapacity* when there are no available family members or  

      friends willing/able/appropriate to serve.   

      As Medical Power of Attorney, we are appointed by you to   

      serve as your decision-maker IF you become incapacitated.

* Guardians are court-appointed when someone is found to be incapacitated

What We Do

Geriatric Care Management



Geriatric Care Managers are sometimes referred to as "surrogate sisters." We are engaged by families who are concerned about the health and/or safety of a loved one.  Often, family members live far away and/or are too busy to check in as frequently as they would like and/or just don’t know what to do.   

After speaking with you to learn more about gives you “pause”, we meet with the older adult(s) and provide a comprehensive assessment of their current situation. Often, we gain insight simply because we are NOT family! 

We provide feedback - evaluation of what may be necessary to ensure the safety and health of their loved ones.  We provide referrals to medical/other professionals, make suggestions to  help ensure safety and educate families how to plan effectively for the future.  

As care managers, we can manage transitions and provide as much (or as little) ongoing assistance as desired.  We can accompany your loved ones to medical appointments, recommend/oversee caregivers in the home,  visit regularly for ongoing assessments and suggest when it may be time for a move and coordinate details. 

Guardianship Services



Sometimes, an incapacitated person needs a Guardian (medical decision-maker) and there are no family members or friends available, willing and/or appropriate to take on such role. People who may need a Guardian include older adults with cognitive deficits, persons who have an intellectual  disability and those who may have a traumatic brain injury or struggle with their mental health.

 A professional (or third party) fiduciary can step into that role.  Guardians must be appointed through a court order and are all subject to the supervision of the court.

 Guardians make decisions regarding a person's support, care, education, health and welfare. All wards (people under Guardianship) should be encouraged to participate in decisions. Guardians shall consider the expressed desires and personal values of the person under Guardianship to the extent known to the guardian. A guardian shall always act in the person's best interest and exercise reasonable care, diligence and prudence.
C.R.S. 14-15-314(1)




Medical Power of Attorney



Planning ahead is important.  And, one of the crucial planning tasks is to appoint Medical and Financial agents, to make decisions on your behalf  in the event that you become incapacitated.  Appointing agents can often eliminate the need for Guardians (and Conservators) should you no longer be capable of making your own decisions. 

ELDEResources LLC can act as your Medical Power of Attorney (or as a successor power of attorney) if you don't have family members/friends who would be appropriate to appoint.

Our duty (after appointed) is to understand your wishes and desires regarding healthcare matters. Once we have that conversation, you can keep us in your back pocket!  And... it is also important to let important people (doctors, financial advisers, neighbors) know who we are.

Periodic reviews and check-ins are all that is necessary unless you require the assistance of a medical decision-maker.

About Us

Debbie Reinberg, MAcc , NCG - Owner, ELDEResources LLC

Debbie Reinberg started working in the geriatric field in 1987, responsible for implementing  hospital-based geriatric outpatient primary care programs and overseeing a staff of  nurse practitioners, social workers and physicians.

Debbie was the Executive Director for the  Colorado Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers from 2002 - 2007.   She first took mediation courses in 2005. From 2008 to 2017, she partnered with John Rymers, having developed ELDEResolutions LLC,  an elder mediation company. The company provided facilitative mediation for families and training in Conflict Management for  Eldercare Professionals and Elder Mediation for trained mediators. 

Starting in 1997, she has brought together a professional team of geriatric care specialists to directly address the needs of older adults and their caregivers. ELDEResources LLC provides geriatric care management, receives court appointments as Guardian and accepts Medical Powers of Attorney. 

Debbie is on the Boards of the Colorado Guardianship Association and Kavod Senior Life.  She has recently presented at Colorado Elder Law Retreats and authored the chapter on "Housing and Placement Options for the Elderly" for the Fifth Edition of Elder Law in Colorado.

Debbie has an undergraduate degree in  Sociology with emphasis in Social Psychology from the University of Texas and  she received her Business degree (with emphasis on non-profit management and  management information systems) from the University of Denver, with a  Fellowship from the National Institute of Mental Health. 

Our Team

Our current team includes medical social workers, dementia specialists and an Occupational Therapist/Nursing Home Administrator.

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