Easing the eldercare maze


We provide a variety of services depending on your current needs.

 CONSIDER Geriatric Care Management...

WHEN you don't have the time, knowledge and/or energy to care for
           your loved one as you would like
WHEN you seek an advocate to help you assess a loved one's needs and
           find the right resources

CONSIDER Guardianship...

WHEN someone you know is not able to make their own decisions AND
           nobody is available, willing and/or appropriate to make decisions
           on their behalf.        

WHEN you are looking for a professional to provide the advocacy and
           decision-making role who will communicate with family members
           and friends, as appropriate.

CONSIDER Power of Attorney...

       WHEN either you or someone you know anticipates not being able to make decisions for him/herself in
                  the future And, you or someone you know does not have anyone available, willing and/or
                  appropriate to act as agent/power of attorney.

       WHEN you or someone you know would like to appoint a professional in that role for possible future


CONSIDER Family Facilitation/Elder Mediation...

          WHEN conflicts exist that make it difficult for your loved one to receive the
                    care they need and deserve.

          WHEN  there is fighting over your loved one's possessions. 

WHEN family members/other parties are interested in reaching resolve using
                     an impartial third party.
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