Easing the eldercare maze

Powers of Attorney

We always hear that planning ahead is important.  And, one of the crucial tasks is to appoint Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney. Powers of Attorney are designated people who can make decisions for you, if you are no longer able to make your own decisions.

Sometimes, there are no family members (or appropriate family members) to appoint as Power of Attorney.  And, it may feel uncomfortable or inappropriate to ask a friend to act in this important role.

We can be designated as Medical Power of Attorney in these cases.
And, we can make referrals to others who can act in the Financial role.

Our duty (after appointed) is to understand your wishes and desires regarding healthcare matters. Once we have that conversation, you can keep us in your back pocket!  Well, it is also important to let important people (doctors, financial advisers, neighbors) know who we are.

Periodic reviews and check-ins are all that is necessary unless you require the assistance of a medical decision-maker.

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