Easing the eldercare maze

Geriatric Care Management

Talk to a Geriatric Care Manager:

  • When professionals suggest that your loved one can’t live alone.
  • When your loved one has mobility and/or sensory deficits and is not able to care for him/herself.
  • If your loved one refuses the help s/he needs.
Hire a Geriatric Care Manager when your Loved One:

  • Forgets basic tasks, such as paying bills
  • Is not able to perform basic functions, such as bathing/dressing
  • Has difficulty cooking, shopping and/or using the telephone
  • Is lonely and could benefit from companionship
  • Exhibits loss of initiative
  • Has medical needs that are not receiving proper attention
  • Has needs that a spouse or adult child cannot provide

                                       Call us when you don't know where to turn.

  What to expect from a
  Geriatric Care Manager
(a "surrogate daughter/sister")

  • Reduction of caregiver burnout
  • Maintenance of older adults' independence through the introduction of relevant products and services
  • Connections with reputable resources
  • Effective tips for communicating with doctors, elders & other family members
  • A comprehensive map for your specific situation

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  1. Comprehensive Assessment
  2. Prepare a Written Care Plan 
  3. Advocacy, problem solving & service coordination
  4. Ongoing Monitoring 

  NOTE:  Not all situations require all phases in the process. For instance, we are available to problem solve as a first step; however, we do need to engage in a  minimal assessment process first.  Also, in some cases, we provide a written care plan that family members are able to execute without requiring  us to provide service coordination and monitoring..

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