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Elder Mediation
Our sister company, ELDEResolutions LLC, provides mediation services for families and others who are involved in a conflict regarding older adult(s) or their property. Such conflicts can be about medical or financial decision-making, caregiving duties, residency decisions, end-of-life issues, property dissolution or other concerns that are not easily resolvable by individual family members. Typically, such conflicts involve multiple issues and may include blended families and/or multiple generations, complicating any resolution.

Mediators act as impartial third parties to help families and other interested parties to resolve elder-related disputes. As expert facilitators, mediators develop a process t
o understand the issues, help all parties be heard and to assist all to find resolution. Elder mediators are knowledgeable about family dynamics (specifically adult siblings) and elder care resources and services. One of the tenets of mediation is self-determination. We take pride in ensuring that all parties are included, either by themselves if they have capacity to be speak for themselves at the mediation table or by an advocate or surrogate.

Most adult sibling disputes are rooted in dynamics that began in childhood!


The mediation process is voluntary (unless court-ordered)  

    --- we can proceed without all family members present to discuss issues common to all those participating.

Typically all parties are interviewed before sitting down together.
         ---- this helps the facilitators to understand all the issues and everyone's interests and to develop an workable agenda

Facilitative mediators prefer that all parties meet around the same table.
         ---- parties can stay in separate room if that is preferable

Call John at 303/268-2281 or visit
ELDEResolutions to learn more about how mediation (or a family facilitation) can help you resolve family issues around elders and ideally, bring your family together again, too - for generations in the future.


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